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2015 Water Shut Down Notice

Please note that the Eastern Irrigation District will be shutting down water delivery services for the 2015 irrigation season on Friday, October 9. Please be sure all of your irrigation water needs have been completed by this date.

Look Out Aquatic Invasives…There are New Dogs in Town!

Aquatic invasive species, including zebra and quagga mussels, are serious threats to Alberta’s waterways. The province is so committed to keeping Alberta mussel-free that mussel-sniffing dogs are now a permanent addition to the Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Program.

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Want to Avert an Alien Invasion?

Simply Call on Man’s Best Friend.

Conservation Canines Are Sniffing Out Zebra and Quagga Mussels Infesting Waters Across the U.S. and Canada.

Click here for more information. Be sure to listen to the radio broadcast at the end of the article.

Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development

We let the dogs out! Meet Alberta’s four-legged partners in the fight against invasive mussels

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Hunters Please Take Note

Basic Public Access Guidelines are in effect for all hunter access to EID grazing lands.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Help the Eastern Irrigation District Prevent the Introduction of Invasive Species to Our Lakes and Reservoirs.

Aquatic Invasive Species are currently making their way across North America. These Aquatic Invasive Species pose a serious threat to the infrastructure of irrigation districts throughout Southern Alberta. You can help prevent the spread of these invasive species. For more information, download the Alberta Governments brochure on Protecting Alberta’s Irrigation Infrastructure by clicking here.

Additional information on invasive species can be obtained at the following links and by viewing the video below. The Eastern Irrigation District along with all the irrigation districts and municipalities province wide appreciate your help in stopping the spread of these invasive species.


“Silent Invaders” Zebra Mussels 2013

 The County of Newell Rural Water Project Funding Initiative

To provide support for the County of Newell Rural Water Project and the Water Users who committed to the project the Board of Directors has created the County of Newell Rural Water Project Funding Initiative.  The purpose of the initiative is to contribute funds to the County of Newell to reimburse 1st and 2nd Water Users connecting to the Rural Water Project.  A one-time reimbursement of $2,000.00 per water user is available provided that:

  • the water user met the conditions of the County of Newell’s April 29, 2011 registration deadline and,
  • the water user hooks up to the Rural Water Line within 3 years of the line being installed.

Once applied for and approved by the EID, payment for the reimbursement will be made to the Water User by the County of Newell on behalf of the EID.

Click HERE to download the application form.

The completed application form can be dropped off or mailed to the EID Office:

P.O. Box 128
550 Industrial Road West
Brooks, Alberta
T1R 1B2

If you have further questions please contact Margo Redelback at 403-362-1419.

An additional grant may be available from Growing Forward 2 (An On Farm Water Improvement Program).
Please note that this grant must be applied for BEFORE the project is started.
For further details, please contact:

Joe Harrington
Farm Water Supply Branch


Please Note: There is absolutely NO PARKING on the Crawling Valley Reservoir Dam. PLEASE OBEY all parking signs. Your cooperation is appreciated.

The Eastern Irrigation District is one of thirteen Irrigation Districts found in Southern Alberta, Canada. The EID has the largest land base and the second largest number of irrigated acres of these Irrigation Districts.

The EID is farmer owned and operated and is situated in South Eastern Alberta’s mixed grass prairie eco-system. There are 1.5 million acres within the District’s boundaries, making the EID 500 square kilometers (200 square miles) larger then the Province of Prince Edward Island. The Red Deer River forms the north east boundary and the Bow River the south west boundary of the District. The EID includes over 294,000 acres of irrigated crop land, 600,000 acres of prairie grasslands owned by the EID, with the remainder being non-irrigated crop land, privately owned grasslands and three Provincial Parks (Kinbrook Island Provincial Park, Tillebrook Provincial Park and Dinosaur Provincial Park).

Alberta Irrigation Management Model

The Alberta Irrigation Management Model (AIMM) is a decision support tool software package that assists irrigation producers with their irrigation scheduling decisions. The AIMM software runs as a Windows based program and has a agronomic record keeping component incorporated into the program as well. AIMM acquires the climate parameters required to calculate Evapotranspiration (ET) and irrigation recommendations from the IMCIN website. Producers simply choose the station that is closest to their irrigation field from any of the current climate stations on-line.

Growing Forward 2

Irrigation Efficiency Program

This program helps producers invest in new or upgraded low-pressure center pivot (LPCP) irrigation equipment for their operations, improving the efficiency of energy and water use on Alberta farms. Click this link for more details.

A new web site has been created by Alberta Irrigation Projects Association entitled “Thanks to irrigation”. Click on the News menu above for more information.