The EID has a lot to offer wildlife enthusiasts within the District’s boundaries. There are over 30,000 acres of critical wetland habitats, much of it developed by Ducks Unlimited over the last 50 years. In 1987 the EID, the Alberta Fish and Wildlife Division and Ducks Unlimited Canada formed a Co-Operative Ventures partnership to create additional wildlife habitat within the District’s boundaries. Since its inception there have been 16 projects developed and over 5 thousand acres of wildlife habitat enhanced. The EID is a mixture of cultivated and grass lands providing a home for a multitude of wildlife species.

The primary purpose of the EID is to provide water to farmers for growing crops, but at the same time every effort is made to perform this duty with a multi-use philosophy. The crops are bountiful within the District, while at the same time the human population, industry and the diverse wildlife resources prosper because of presence of essential water supplies.

If you have any questions about wildlife or would like permission to hunt on EID lands, please contact:

Rick Martin
Email: rick.martin@eid.ca
Phone: (403) 362-1400