Last Update: January 27, 2021

Response to COVID-19

The EID is staying well-informed of the current health advisories and continues to review the operations of the District, both for the safety of its employees and the public, while minimizing business disruptions where possible. The District will continue to monitor and comply with government and health authority recommendations and in response, the following have been implemented:

  • the Office is closed to walk-in traffic
    • phone lines remain open Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (362-1400)
  • Bill Payment options:
    • leave a cheque in the drop box
    • phone 362-1400 with your credit card information
    • pay online with any of the major banks, search “Eastern Irrigation District”
    • mail your cheque to EID, P.O. Box 128, Brooks, AB T1R 1B2

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Eastern Irrigation District

March 09, 2021 Online Annual General Meeting

The recording of the 2021 AGM is now available on the "News/Ads" page.

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Plebiscite Info and Bylaws

Official Results of Vote

(Updated February 24, 2021)

The Eastern Irrigation District presently has an expansion limit of 311,000 acres. The Board of Directors has determined that 345,000 acres could be served with its existing water licenses. The Board of Directors is seeking the approval of the irrigators to change the expansion limit to 345,000 acres.

The Eastern Irrigation District held a plebiscite on Tuesday, February 23, 2021 to vote on the proposed increase to the expansion limit.

  • 485 voted in favour of increasing the expansion limit from 311,000 acres to 345,000 acres.
  • 163 voted against increasing the expansion limit.

I hereby declare, by virtue of having received the highest number of votes, that the plebiscite has passed.

January 24, 2021
Ivan Friesen, Returning Officer

(Click HERE to view the Official Plebiscite Results.)

The following bylaws have been approved (click to view):

Board Meetings

  • April 20, 2021
  • May 25, 2021
  • June 22, 2021

What is Irrigation Water?

Irrigation water is raw water that is suitable for:

  • irrigating crops
  • watering lawns
  • watering trees
  • watering gardens

Irrigation water is not potable water.

Information Survey

Capital Assets Survey

(Updated February 11, 2021)

Click HERE to view the Capital Assets survey results.

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Important Information

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Open Letter to Alberta Irrigators From the Province of Alberta
See news page for more details.

See news page for more details.


Please be advised that May 1 of every year is the deadline to remove ice fishing shelters from Eastern Irrigation District owned land.

Also a reminder that as per the current fishing regulations you are required to identify your ice fishing shack with your WiN number OR Name and Phone number.

If you have questions please contact Eastern Irrigation District at 403-362-1400. Thank you for your co-operation!

Notice to all EID Water Users:
RE: Judicial Review of EID vs Irrigation Council Appeal Panel. Please click here for details.

Contact Us

Eastern Irrigation District.
550 Industrial Road West
Box 128
Brooks, Alberta, Canada, T1R 1B2
Phone: 403-362-1400 | Email: eid(at)

Partners in Habitat Development

To apply for a Partners in Habitat Development Project, click the following link to view the application form/brochure:

Brochure/Application Form