County of Newell Rural Water Project Funding Initiative

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County of Newell Rural Water Project Funding Initiative

To provide support for the County of Newell Rural Water Project and the water users who committed to the project the Board of Directors has created the County of Newell Rural Water Project Funding Initiative. The purpose of the initiative is to contribute funds to the County of Newell to reimburse 1st and 2nd water users connecting to the County’s Rural Water Project. A one-time reimbursement of $2,000.00 per water user is available provided that:

  • The water user met the conditions of the County of Newell’s April 29, 2011 registration deadline and,
  • The water user hooks up to the Rural Water Line within 3 years of the line being installed. (If past 3 years, please call the office)

Once applied for and approved by the EID, payment for the reimbursement will be made to the water user by the County of Newell on behalf of the EID.

Click HERE to download the application form.

The completed application form can be dropped off or mailed to the EID office:

Box 128
550 Industrial Road West
Brooks, Alberta
Canada, T1R 1B2

If you have further questions please contact Staci Connauton at 403-362-1407.

An additional grant from Canadian Agricultural Parternership - Irrigation Efficiency Program Website may be available for your project. PLEASE NOTE that in order to qualify for the grant, the application must be completed and approved by the CAP Program prior to the project commencing.

For further details, please visit the CAP website or contact:

Joe Harrington
Farm Water Supply Branch