Irrigation Recording and Management App.

Irrigation Recording and Management App


IRMA is the Eastern Irrigation District’s in-house developed irrigation water recording and management tool. Along the top of the app is the main header bar that contains (l to r): About IRMA, User Sign-in, Tool Bar and Main Menu. The tool bar button toggles the tool bar on and off as needed. The contents of the tool bar are described in the image to the right.

At the public level, IRMA provides basic mapping of the Eastern Irrigation District. The basic map provides all of the information available in our map books and wall maps with real time updates. (Hard copy map books and wall maps are produced on an annual basis and are available from the District office).

At the user level, an Eastern Irrigation District water user (1st and term water only) is able to sign up for a FREE IRMA user account. This will allow the water user to sign in to IRMA to view only their irrigated parcels (farm link) within the Eastern Irrigation District. Additional assessment layers are then made available to visually see which of their parcels are currently irrigating and the amount of water they have used for the year to date.

Tapping a parcel on the map will display a summary box containing basic parcel details. Long pressing on any assessment parcel will display a panel with more details including irrigation method, crops and a list of all on/off irrigation cycles for the year to date. Only the lands disclosed in a farm link may be viewed.

For confirmation of map based data concerning a particular parcel, please contact the District office. If the map data is different from the office data, the office data shall be accepted as official.

To sign up for an account, please contact the Eastern Irrigation District for more details.

To view IRMA, CLICK THIS LINK or the image to the right.