Board of Directors Elections

Election information

Board of Directors Elections Information

Members of the Board of Directors are elected by the irrigators. The Eastern Irrigation District has adopted a practice of staggered elections, in which two directors are elected in one year, two directors are elected the next year and three directors are elected in the following year. This method of elections provides for long-term stability in the governance, administration and operation of the District.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact the EID.

2017 Election Summary (Unofficial Results)

  • Division 1: Mr. Jason Hale was elected. (This is Mr. Hale's 1st term of office)
  • Division 5: Mr. Tony Brummelhuis was elected. (This is Mr. Brummelhuis's 1st term of office)

2016 Election Summary

  • Division 2: Mr. Jim Culligan was elected. (This is Mr. Culligan's 3rd term of office)
  • Division 4: Mr. Rod Johnson was elected. (This is Mr. Johnson's 1st term of office)
  • Division 7: Mr. George Murray was elected. (This is Mr. Murray's 1st term of office)

2015 Election Summary

  • Division 3: Mr. Ross Owen was elected. (This is Mr. Owen's 3rd term of office)
  • Division 6: Mr. Bob Chrumka was elected. (This is Mr. Chrumka's 7th term of office)

2014 Election Summary

  • Division 1: Mr. Floyd George was elected. (This is Mr. George's 5th term of office)
  • Division 5: Mr. George Graham was elected. (This is Mr. Graham's 1st term of office)