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Rehabilitation Projects

Post Date: October 30, 2023

01- 0ne Tree Pipeline

The proposed pipeline starts at the District Owned, One Tree Reservoir and heads north along the One Tree Road ending just south of Millicent along the Patricia HWY. The pipeline will be twinned and both lines will start at 54” in diameter. Their total length is 24.5km and will tie into numerous existing laterals that are already closed pipelines.

The new pipelines will serve a total of 9021 acres and all operational spill will remain in the reservoir. The construction of the new pipeline will make it possible to remove 7 concrete check structures and 7 automated screening devices as well as their associated maintenance. The District will also no longer need to treat the open ditch for aquatics. Most parcels in the service area of the pipeline are currently irrigated and as such, the potential for irrigation expansion is limited.

The estimated cost of the project is $22.679M

Post Date: October 30, 2023

02H West Bantry

This rehabilitation is located approximately 8kms west of Tilley and is slated for the 2023/24 construction year. The current system irrigates 120 acres, 100% of which are flood. The parcel is served by two different turnouts, one delivery in the NE corner fed by 02H West Bantry and one delivery in the SE corner fed by 03H West Bantry.

The landowner will be erecting a pivot and has agreed to come off the delivery in the SE permitting the District the ability to eliminate the one in the NE. The rehabilitation project will consist of the District removing all but the first 50m of the canal which will remain to service a domestic delivery.

The estimated cost of the project is $159,000.

Post Date: October 26, 2023

West Bantry Phase 3

This rehabilitation project is located approximately 10kms southeast of Brooks and is slated for the 2023/2024 construction year. The existing canal is approximately 9kms in length, serves 21,798 acres, and is badly damaged by cattle accessing the ditch. Phase 1 and 2 are done and we propose moving on to phase 3 which will be 3.1kms in length, and because of the nature of construction necessary we will only be able to excavate before frost hits. Work would start after water turn off and continue until freeze up. The canal is currently designed for 410cfs and our construction plan is to trim it’s side slopes and rebuild sections of it’s banks. Both sides of the rehabbed canal will be fenced off to limit the access of cattle. The cost for this proposed rehabilitation is $898,000 It is recommended that this rehabilitation be funded under the capital works program.

Post Date: October 26, 2023

Lower Rolling Hills Canal Lining

This 1.9km section of the Rolling Hills Canal is not lined or armored. Most of this section of canal is in fill. The highest section is near the TR142 and is about 5m high. The canal seeps into borrow pits beside the canal. 3 pivots pump directly from this section of the Rolling Hills Canal. The project will line, armor and restore the freeboard of the canal. This will stop seepage, increase the canals durability and restore its capacity. It is recommended that the Rolling Hills Canal project be funded with the AIM project. The total estimated cost is $1,581,000.

Post Date: October 05, 2022

Secondary C North Branch Pipeline

This project is located at the SE end of Crawling Valley Reservoir and is designed to keep spill in the reservoir. Serving a third of the acres off the North Branch Canal, the proposed 6.4 km gravity pipeline will pick up existing deliveries off this section of the canal, tie into the present Secondary C North Branch pipeline, and be sized for over 1,150 additional acres for future corner arms and pivots. Twin 60” pipe will be installed for the first 4.6 km, to a single 60”, and then 36” line, to supply 8,695 acres. Although it is necessary for the existing canal to stay in place, this rehab will eliminate 2 check structures and a rock weir in the North Branch Canal.

The project encountered a material supply issue and was not completed in 2023 as planned. It will be completed and in operation for the upcoming 2024 irrigation season.

Post Date: October 05, 2022

Lake Newell South Feeder

This project is located 6 km NE of Rainier, beginning at the Bow Slope Canal, extending to the SW corner of Lake Newell Reservoir. The rehabilitation includes trimming, armouring, and fencing 3.2 km of the existing canal and increasing the capacity from 550 cfs to 800 cfs to allow more flow into Lake Newell Reservoir.

One third of the project was completed over the 2022/2023 construction season with plans for our construction teams to complete the rehabilitation for the upcoming 2024 irrigation season.

Post Date: September 22, 2021

Snake Lake Reservoir

The proposed Snake Lake Reservoir expansion plan will increase the reservoir live storage by approximately 53,000 acre-feet to 67,000 acre-feet*.

Currently, 140,000 irrigated acres are either unsupported by a reservoir or receive limited reservoir support. Approximately 50,000 of these acres are downstream of the Snake Lake Reservoir. The Snake Lake Reservoir expansion will reduce the unsupported acres in the District by 35 per cent.

The remaining 90,000 acres will continue to be unsupported by a reservoir, but will see increased indirect support due to the increase of acres being supported from the Snake Lake Reservoir Expansion.

Environmental and engineering investigations are underway, meetings with affected landowners are ongoing, and discussions with government officials on the regulatory approval process are occurring.

* An acre-foot covers one acre of land, one foot deep.