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Rehabilitation Projects

Post Date: September 22, 2021

Scott Pipeline

This rehab project will convert the Scott Canal to closed gravity pipelines. The inlet of the main pipeline will be moved from the Main Bantry Canal, 3.5 km south, to Lake Newell Reservoir. The stilling pond and first 4.5 km of pipeline are on EID pasture, enabling this work to be started this irrigation season. This initial construction work was approved at an estimated cost of $350,000. The pipeline, including laterals, will be 17 km long and will cross Hwy #873, extend east, northeast, and south. The canal currently serves 3,809 acres. The canal tails out into the Summit Drain and will have the capacity to supply the Summit Drain with enough water for all 7 pivots (889 acres) north of the South Bantry Drain. The estimated cost of the project is $16,324,000.

The Scott pipelines have capacity for expansion:

  • The north pipeline has capacity to serve an extra 250 acres east of the highway.
  • The first section of the main pipeline has the capacity to serve an additional 3,400 acres. 400 of these acres would be supplied off the Main Scott Pipeline that is to be installed this winter.
  • Soil tests were completed on 32 quarters. A total of 4,945 acres were tested, of which 3,353 acres met irrigation requirements. The maximum amount of land tested that would be reasonable to develop is 3,000 acres.
Post Date: September 22, 2021

13 H West Bantry

The 13-H West Bantry project is located 6.5 km SW of Tilley, just east of the intersection of Hwy 875 and 535, and currently serves 175 acres of flood. The rehab will convert this portion of the system into a closed pipeline by installing 900 m of pipeline at an estimated cost of $377,000.

Post Date: September 22, 2021

08A and 08B Springhill Extensions

The purpose of the 08-A and 08-B Springhill pipeline extension projects is to tie onto 2 existing closed gravity pipelines to deliver to 3 existing pivots, all currently assessed with terminable acres fed from Matzhiwin Creek. Operations has requested this rehab to reduce inefficiencies of creating artificial spill to deliver from the creek. Through this project 393 terminable acres would then be converted to irrigation acres. The project is located approximately 7 km NW of Rosemary, requires 6 km of pipe installation, and is estimated to cost $924,000.

Post Date: September 22, 2021

12 Springhill

The 12 Springhill pipeline rehab project, located approximately 7 km southeast of Rosemary, supplies 5,118 acres and is slated for the 2021/2022 construction year. At a starting point close to the north corner of Rock Lake Reservoir, the project will convert a portion of canal exiting the Springhill Canal, to a closed gravity pipeline and allow any spill to remain in the reservoir. There will be twin 54” pvc lines, 1.2 km in length. The stretch of the Springhill Canal which runs parallel to the northwest bank of the reservoir, will have the banks lifted and rehabbed. As well, an existing check structure will be modified to raise the water level in the canal half a meter. The estimated cost of the project is $4,674,000.

Post Date: September 22, 2021

Snake Lake Reservoir

The proposed Snake Lake Reservoir expansion plan will increase the reservoir live storage by approximately 53,000 acre-feet to 67,000 acre-feet*.

Currently, 140,000 irrigated acres are either unsupported by a reservoir or receive limited reservoir support. Approximately 50,000 of these acres are downstream of the Snake Lake Reservoir. The Snake Lake Reservoir expansion will reduce the unsupported acres in the District by 35 per cent.

The remaining 90,000 acres will continue to be unsupported by a reservoir, but will see increased indirect support due to the increase of acres being supported from the Snake Lake Reservoir Expansion.

Environmental and engineering investigations are underway, meetings with affected landowners are ongoing, and discussions with government officials on the regulatory approval process are occurring.

* An acre-foot covers one acre of land, one foot deep.